Pangs of being single!

Like the famous saying goes, ‘The heart is a stringed instrument, that can be played only by Love’ , everybody in this Universe has the desire to be loved. Being a 20 something person, I have had that desire as well – to be loved and cared by a person other than my parents, of course. One might call it the surge of the hormones or the effect of my close circle of friends. I am not going to analyse what it is either. Well, people generally say that I am too young and that I have my whole life ahead of me. It is true and I do not deny it. My brain was able to accept it but my heart couldn’t.
    Today, I realized that what should happen, will happen no matter how long it takes. So, with that positive energy, I decided to divert myself and keep myself occupied with things that I love the most. Writing, tops the list of course. This is my first ever blog. I definitely know that there would be many more to come.